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Saturday, August 02, 2003

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Saturday, July 26, 2003

"The history of the ALAIN club dates back to the early sixties when sports in general and football in particular were restricted to company workmen. The club was foundedvide Ministerial Resolution No. 6 of 1986. Since then it is turned into an edifice of civilization. The dream of the city was turned into a reality due to the efforts of some elites of the city who contributed to the foundation of the club. "

The ALAIN club is lie in ALAIN city . ALAIN is the most beautiful city in the UAE because it is full of many interesting places and alot of trees. Moreover the climate in ALAIN is very good and this helps the players to play as well as they can .

"Violet is the club’s official color, and now it has become a symbol of the city itself. It is a unique color among those of the region’s clubs. Al Jahli castle is considered as the Al Ain club emblem for it presses the authenticity and history of the city, since it was the officialpremises for H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan since 1946 when he was the rulers representative.

The castle was chosen to be the official emblem in 1980 following a grand contest entered by a big number of Arab and foreign artists from inside and outside the State.

The Al Ain sports and cultural club has six branch clubs established in Al Ain suburbs with full facilities, the biggest of which is Al Qattara club, which is an architectural landmark and a civilization sports complex.

It contains Tahnoon Bin Mohammad Stadium which can receive 18.000 spectators. The stadium has witnessed a number of local, Arab and continental sports events, the last of which was the Asia Cup finals (3rd group) and quarter final matches for the 18th Asian League Championship, where the club was qualified for the finals and won the 3rd position. The field was opened in 1987 during the 2nd Friendship Tournament."

"Apart from this, there is a multi-purpose indoor hall, and outdoor courts for tennis, volley ball and hand ball, a swimming pool and several entertainment halls. Most matches of football tournaments are conducted in this club.
Other branch clubs are geographically distributed and established in the Al Ain outskirts to enable the biggest possible number of youngsters to benefit from these facilities. These Branch clubs are located in Al Maquam, Al Yahar, Zakher, Maziad, Al Haier."

The ALAIN team is the best football team in the UAE and in the Arabian Gulf
. It won alot of championships in the UAE and
in the Gulf. In ALAIN there are many good players. Most of
them joined the national team and take part in many
championships around the world and the world football
cup is one of these championships.

Abidy Beelayh , Serjeo , Trawry , Sango , Sultan Rashed, Majid Alawais, Fahad Alnwais, Hamdoon Aldhaheri , Subait Khater and Fahad Ali are the bast playerson the Alain team
in the last 7 years.

In the last 10 years there have been many coaches who have come to ALAIN and most of them
are famous all over the world , and from them Fingada, Oscar, kabral, Shaker Abdulfattah, Nilson, Bilatchi, Hagi and Mietsu .

In ALAIN there is the best administration in the history of football in the UAE .

And these are the Heads of the Admin Board from 1982 until 2001 .

H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (1982-1984).
H.H. Sheikh Hazaa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (1984-1990). Currently, he is Deputy Chief of Protocols Department and Head of the Follow-up Committee.
H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan held the office of the Chairman and Head of the Football Committee up to 1996. Currently he is member of the protocols department
H.H. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed (1990-1993).

H.E. Khalifa Naser Al Suweidi (1997-1999).

H.E. Mohammad Rashid Al Otaibah (1999-2001).

H.E. Ali Bin Hamooda Al Dhahiri (2001-2001).

H.E. Mohammad Khalfan Al Romaithy (Since 2001).

Here is some information about the alain team.

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